About Myself

With strong background in mathematics and operation research, what i like most is taking a mid-size project from the newly hatched idea, through design up to delivery I excel in design, i believe in a simple but not oversimplified architectures, resulting for example in software that is maintained and developed 18 years and still fresh I like coding, and i like good code, Long ago i learned a simple thing: “deliver the best code you can - and you earned a returning customer”


Years of coding


Total Projects


Lines of code +...

System architecture & design 95%

.NET - C#, F#, ASP.NET ... 95%

Software/Hardware integration 95%

Database - SQL server/MySQL/NoSQL (mongoDB) 85%

C++ 95%

Android Mobile Apps 80%

  • Windows Development

    C#, VC++, Java, Delphi

  • Industrial software

    Interfaced with multiple PLC's and motion controllers-

  • Backend

    PHP, Python, Java, ASP.Net, Databases/SQL

  • Linux

    C/C++, Linux multithreading and more...

  • Mobile

    Android (java, jni)

  • 1994 –Today

    Freelance developer

    Designed and developed various projects ranging from automated milking machine to web data mining, aerodynamic simulation and bacteria counting (machine vision/OpenCV), from motion controller complex comfiguration software to global manufacturing data logging systems and diagnostic systems (i.e. Indigo/HP).
    Since ~2008 focusing mainly on industrial companies, where a computer, may it be Windows, Linux and some times a tiny linux machine like a raspberry or others SOMs interacts with manufacturing and testing machines.

  • 1997 – 1998


    Designed and managed the development of the world's first 'free play' technicians simulator, the project was deployed in the IDF and stayed in service for over 15 years

  • 2001

    Sarine Tech.

    As s freelancer - managed the software development in Sarine - world leader in diamonds analysis

  • 1990 - 1994

    Aerodan Systems - operations research analyst.

    Analysis and assesment of military systems and solutions, mathematics, 'common sense' and simulations

  • 1987-1990

    IAI (Israel Aircraft Industry) - operations research analyst.

    Analysis and assesment of military systems and solutions, mathematics, 'common sense' and simulations


    Technion - Israel's technical institute

    BA. applied mathematics

    Studied the larger part of MA applied mathematic in both Technion and Tel-Aviv university and never finished..

Offerings to my clients

High quality software solutions.
Can take a vogue 'newborn' idea all the way to a deliverable product.
I have a 100% success rate it takes a little brain, and a lot of dedication

Outsource development

Need a programmer to get it done?
I will face any challenge and meet your goals on time, in quality, with continuance support.

Program architecture

Planning a new product? Remodeling your old code? I can help finding the right architecture & technology, and execute the implementation.


"Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value"
Albert Einstein
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